Product Strategy & Design

“You are what you repeatedly do.”

-Will Durant

Ryan Harasyn is an experienced product strategy and design leader.

Ryan’s experience and approach to design, strategy and leadership allow him to successfully adapt to industry, user, and organizational needs. He has successfully helped start-ups and enterprises launch and scale a diverse set of products touching millions of users worldwide.

Currently, as a Product Design Leader for Facebook, Ryan is focused on bringing products to life that help give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Product Strategy & Design

Mazlo Coach

Mazlo | Web, Native

Advice, delivered.

In life, there are always moments of uncertainty. Moments that can cause a great deal of disruption. For many, this disruption can lead to higher stress, less sleep and introduce conflicts in relationships, making it harder to move forward. And with the internet as the primary resource to seek answers, people are often left more confused and isolated than before.

With Mazlo, we sought to close this gap creating a more private and comfortable way to talk to real people about real issues in their life. Through simple messaging, participants have private, 1-on-1 conversations to get the right advice, support or answers they need, when they need it most.

“Thank you for your kindness and support. You have helped me more than you know.”

- Actual Participant



Analytics and Insights


Data Collection


Activities: Behavioral Tracking・Competitive Analysis・Customer Interviews・Focus Groups・Insight Mapping・KPI Development・Market Research・Persona Development・Trend Analysis

Creating an experience that served both user and business objectives began with gaining a deeper understanding of customer behavior and market trends. By analyzing the problem from multiple vantage points we were able to quickly establish a clear product, design, and brand strategy to guide our iterative development process.

A/B Split Testing


Digital Advertising


Activities: A/B Testing・Content Creation・Content Strategy・Copywriting・Design Sprints・Focus Groups・Rapid Prototyping・Site Design・Social Media Marketing・Surveying・User Testing

The product ecosystem was launched rapidly with a well crafted, minimal feature set to validate the critical assumptions synthesized from research. Testing aligned to week long design sprints that included evaluating multiple creative directions, experience strategies and acquisition tactics.

Building off both qualitative and quantitative data, we establish a foundation that continues to exceed both our internal success measures and industry averages.

v2 Prototyping

June 2016

v3 Native


Activities: Concept Design・Content Creation・Copywriting・Front-End Prototyping・Heuristic Evaluations・Interaction Models・Journey Maps・Mood Boards・Motion Testing・Rapid Prototyping・User Testing・User Flows・Visual Language

Translating our business, product, experience and brand strategy to an engaging and impactful customer experience required striking the right balance between short- and long-term engagements, human and automated interactions, anonymity and connection, and business and user needs.

Our exploration covered every inch of the product from service design and copywriting, to content creation and motion design – with each iteration carefully put to the test with live participants.

“I’ve told everyone that I thought could use it about this service. Thank you!”

- Actual Participant

Coaching Application


Activities: Heuristic Evaluations・Feature Roadmaps・Information Architecture・Mood Boards・Requirements Gathering・Stakeholder Interviews・User Testing・User Flows・Visual Language

Although Mazlo leverages a fair amount of automation to deliver relevant, actionable advice, the core is based on human interaction. In oder to turn the product in to a viable business, we needed a platform that allowed us to provide human coaching at scale.

Working directly with our operations team, we developed a structure that would allow coaches to maximize their coaching time while reducing administrative overhead. The resulting system is flexible and engaging, empowering a highly efficient, remote workforce.


Mazlo is currently available for consumer and enterprise clients. You can find us in the Apple and Google Play stores or online at


Brand Strategy・Design Direction・Executive Management・Experience Strategy・Information Architecture・Interaction Design・Marketing Strategy・Advertising Design・Product Management・Product Strategy・Service Design

Additional Credits

Ryan McLaughlin, Design; Dan Romanow, Strategy